We are seeking partnership with the ministry of education, libraries and other related organizations.

Currently, we have partnered with Mulago Rotaract Club with whom we carry out reading activities.

We are also partners with Global Institute of Information Technology in Makerere that allows us to hold #UgandaReading events in their premises.



This is our strongest tool for promoting the reading culture among young people. If it does not get to them through social media, television, radio or newspaper will be more suitable to engage the audiences.

With the community it has built and the larger audiences it continues to attract, #UgandaReading(as a feature) works as great content for the media house in terms of recruiting more viewers or listeners and attracting sponsorship.

#UgandaReading is broadcast once every week on the platform



#UgandaReading meets once in a month for a physical book review. The session may attract five to 100 people and is filmed for TV purposes.

When an establishment lets the community use their venue, in return, they are mentioned in the broadcast and other media communication

Providing the venue also means joining efforts in this cause to get Ugandans reading.