#UgandaReading Appoints Board and Management

#UgandaReading has appointed a team of nine board members to help the organization achieve its vision of promoting the reading culture. Hashtag Uganda Reading Limited by Guarantee is registered at the registrar of companies, as a nonprofit organization.

#UgandaReading seeks to promote reading – the activity. In Africa, literacy rates are going high and Uganda`s stands at over 70 percent (UNESCO). The question these carefully selected board members will be answering is why aren`t Ugandans picking up books to read and how can the culture be developed and spread across the continent?

In her response, HellenMuyomba, the principal librarian at the National Library of Uganda said, “This is a great opportunity for the National Library of Uganda to promote the services we offer as a library to the public. I take this nomination as a great honor and I am hoping for a great partnership with Uganda Reading.”

Each member presents their own uniqueness and brings tremendous value to the table on which ideas, plans and policies will be made to help achieve the objective of promoting reading.

“It`s an honor to be part of a team that will help get Ugandans read. I think to say the best place to hide something from a Ugandan is in a book, is wrong” – Prof. Laban

The following will govern #UgandaReading effective 21 April, 2017


  1. Joachim Buwembo

Buwembo is a seasoned journalist and writer with decades of experience. He is written “How to Be a Ugandan” and “The Ugandan Paradox”

  1. Nada Andersen

Andersen is an advertising expert and proprietor of Star-Leo

  1. Hellen Muyomba

Muyomba is the principal librarian at the National Library of Uganda. Her passion lies in advocacy for reading

  1. Laban Erapu

Laban Erapu is Professor of Literature at Bishop Stuart University, a poet, and an independent publishing consultant with East African Educational Publishers.

  1. Simon Kaheru

Kaheru is a journalist, entrepreneur, reading enthusiast and chairman of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation board

  1. Michael Owor(DJ Bush Baby)

DJ Bush Baby is the founder of Vuqa TV with vast experience in radio and television

  1. Raziah Athman(ex officio)

Athman is the founder of #UgandaReading but her first calling (as she always says), is journalism. She works for Africanews – Euronews as a multimedia and bilingual journalist.

  1. Sarah Kagingo

Miss Kagingo started Soft-Power Communications where she is the director.

  1. Paul Busharizi

Paul Busharizi is a senior business journalist at the New Vision and brings on the table his vast knowledge of money.

To implement and execute ideas from the board, is a strong management team dedicated toward promoting the reading culture. Every member in this team of 18 is driven by passion to see more and more people reading.


  1. Raziah Athman – Cofounder/Executive Director
  2. Denis Osio – Personal Assistant to the Director
  3. Athman Yusuf Kayanga – Cofounder/Secretary
  4. Dorcus Lama – Chief Volunteer/Assistant to Secretary
  5. David Mukholi – Director of Programmes
  6. Serah Schnieders–Consultant(Donations and Fundraising)
  7. Christine Amuse – Business/Marketing Manager
  8. Stella Ariokot – Finance and Accounts Manager
  9. Mohammed Matovu – Public Relations Manager
  10. Brenda Kembabazi – Public Relations Officer
  11. Mahrukh Sajid – MC/Moderator
  12. Amelia Martha Nakitimbo – MC/Moderator
  13. Sarah Kisakye – MC/Moderator
  14. Daniel Mumbere – Digital Communications Manager
  15. Osbert Mwijukye – Webmaster
  16. Yusuf Anyanzwa – Web Developer
  17. Abubakar Athman – Social Media Executive
  18. PULSATE – Consulting on News and Television
  19. Marion Tugumisirize– Advocate

#UgandaReading employs creative methods to inspire people to read. The organization can`t do this without help from leaders and influencers in society who can spread the spirit. It has named four ambassadors so far within Uganda.


  1. Ruth Nasejje
  2. Denzel Mwiyeretsi
  3. Fred Mwebya
  4. Benezeri
  5. Shaban Senyange
  6. Lyn Tukei

To start reading one must consider phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle, accuracy and fluency with text, vocabulary, and comprehension. Lucky for Uganda, a large percentage of the population can do this.

With these brilliant minds, #UgandaReading has taken one more step in the mission of promoting reading.

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