The Breakthrough Author Practices What He Preaches

In “The Breakthrough”, Nicholas Aruho demystifies sticking points in attaining success – success in business and in life general. He takes his experience as a youthful Ugandan and the challenges he has faced growing up, going through school and attaining a university degree into a small a small book that`s easy to read.
He summarizes it into “everything you need to know about looking for a job, career success and personal finance”.
The formal education he attained, and importantly, his self-taught skills, have helped him transform his life from that of a poor village boy to an above average man.
There is a saying that goes; ‘one who teaches can`t do’. It`s why after a month of reaching “The Breakthrough”, reviewers asked Aruho whether he was rich himself and whether he employs the tips he articulates in his book.

He chuckles and answers; “I am not a poor man”. And that can be seen in the way Aruho carries himself, how he conducts business transactions and his social networking. He is the embodiment of young success much as he believes, not everyone is born an entrepreneur.

Reading “The Breakthrough” started from Butabika Hospital, carefully chosen as a book that can benefit mentally ill patients who struggle with reintegration into society after treatment. Samuel Kimbowa, a therapist who uses reading at the country`s psychiatry referral hospital says reading helps with the recovery process of his patients and that many have been borrowing Aruho`s book since they were stocked up in their library.
While reviewing The Breakthrough at Light Academy, the school embraced #UgandaReading, and has agreed to a club being set up in June 2017.

A bell rings every Wednesday calling for everyone – students and members of staff to stop whatever they are doing and read. It`s a culture at Light Academy, a boys secondary school in Kigo, Wakiso district. Some of the students put questions to Nicholas Aruho about his book but ultimately it came down to practicing what one preaches.

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