Nakawa Market Vendors Read

‘Musomemusomemusome…’ a song hit the airwaves of Nakawa Market Vendors` Voice radio, meaning read readread. It was on a chilly afternoon that hundreds of traders paid attention to the importance of reading. A couple of traders read out “Problem Injection” (EmpisoYebizibu) live as others listened in from their stations.
Divided in 6 zones, the market leaders spearheaded the reading challenge.

And it was the first of its kind, an initiative to get the people who spend most of their time selling groceries and vegetables in a market to read.
ZainabNantume, whose book, “Problem Injection” – that Uganda is currently reading for the month of March, says, she writes to help uplift people and empower them to be able to solve problems on their own. Charles Okini, the chairperson of the market appeals for books and wants a library set up for vendors to access easily and free of charge.

Reading is not an activity many of the vendors are willing to pay time to, but #UgandaReading volunteers inspired readership at the country`s second biggest market.

Nakawa Market, in the capital Kampala, buzzes with up to 10,000 vendors trading inside it daily.

It has experienced mismanagement, space constraints and even produced a top model who sold groceries within. But on 17th March, 2017, it was a different question; can a hash tag inspire the traders to read?

When they read, it`s hardly outside balancing accounts and ledgers of day. #UgandaReadingvolunteers hope the vendors can take up reading, especially material that helps them directly.

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