“The Ugandan Paradox” Cover Questioned at Review

Why does the cover of “The Ugandan Paradox” have multiple personalities? This was one of the questions put to Joachim Buwembo, author of the book.

“These are some of the people who make Uganda`s fifty-year journey, the book doesn`t focus on any particular personality”, Buwembo answered.

He describes societal developments in the country since its independence in October, 1962.

Mariam Nagujja, who actively questioned the techniques employed in this book, is an author herself, and this was not just a ‘book review’ for her. She used this as an opportunity to share tips and experiences in the industry with the renowned journalist and writer.

Mahrukh Sajid, moderated the discussion hosted at the Nile Dialogue Platform in Kampala.

Buwembo`s piece of writing has been the focus of the group #UgandaReading, for the month of January. The challenge was launched at the Luzira Prisons Complex late in December, to encourage more and more people to read.

The book was specifically chosen because of it`s subject, Ugandan history that opens with the important people who were sent to prison over embezzlement of funds.

With this book, the challenge of production cost for local authors is highlighted as Buwembo mentioned even during the book review, that he had to sacrifice all his savings at one point to be able to print, yet the sales are still low.

But #UgandaReading has helped in creating publicity for the easy-to-read book. Buwembo hopes he can sell more and more copies and other books he has written.

His efforts didn`t go unappreciated at the Nile Dialogue Platform, the Managing Director of the organization, Lokman Cinar gifted him at the end of the session.

Joachim Buwembo is also the author of “How to Be a Ugandan”, but his book, “Kampala – 1890 – 1990” was the very first he wrote.

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