Apass to Promote #Ugandareading

It`s been months of persuasion with Uganda`s leading artist Apass (real name Alexanda Gonzaga)

Uganda Reading first contacted him mid 2016 for an appearance on the premiere television show, but he had a “busy schedule in studio”.

Apass is a reader though, and has had no problem engaging in the movement and helping to get #UgandaReading.

As soon as he determined he would be able to make some time for cause, the singing sensation accepted in a tweet saying “it`s been so long”

Apass will take the public through his reading fantasies; he will share his favorite books and authors and will directly challenge his fans to read with him.

When #UgandaReading premiers on Urban TV, Apass` show will be among the very first edited. He clearly demonstrates that reading is not about burying oneself in books, it`s a habit that goes along well with other hobbies and work.

So when you get to ‘dance like this’, you could probably read like Apass.

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