Get #UgandaReading at Wash & Wills Hotel

There is so much one can do at a hotel… many find accommodation to stay while on a work trip, others come in for business meetings, many just to relax on holiday. But whatever the case, there usually windows of opportunities to lounge.

And, #UgandaReading is taking lounging to a rather intellectual level at Wash & Wills in Mbale.

Working with this hotel, we are letting visitors do more with their leisure time. Sit by the lounge, grab a book and get #UgandaReading

You`ll be helped by the front desk officers to access reading materials or buy some during your stay in Mbale town.

It`s the first of it`s kind in the region… a reading space that gives the visitors of Wash and Wills Hotel, Mbale more than what they pay for. A dozen of #UgandaReading members headed to the Eastern Uganda town and spent the weekend setting up the library.

They were led by Mariam Nagujja, an author and life coach, who donated her book “The Ladies` Guide”.
There has been feedback already as tens have visited the luxurious hotel just so they could enjoy reading books.
The books are kept away in the evening as a team is still being put together to man the library.
For now, Patricia Wambugu, the operations manager there is overseeing the library, and those who wish to read can go and sign out a book. They are required to leave their valid identity cards behind until they return specific book borrowed.

It`s no excuse not to read. The National Library of Uganda has now pledged to train the people who will run this library free of charge and even donate books to fill it up.
The team will soon head back for a revamp to make sure the people in Mbale are reading and at their convenience.

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