Challenging Aviators to Read

We are working with aviators in the making, to get them reading beyond aircraft material.

Some 200 Ugandan pilots are flying across Africa and the world, most trained at the East African Civil Aviation Academy, also known as Soroti Flying School.

It started in 1971 under United Nations Development Program – UNDP training pilots from the East African community and then, all were men. Even after the community collapsed in 1977 many still come in.

#UgandaReading team is at the East African Civil Aviation Academy setting up the community that will spearhead the movement in Teso`s capital, Soroti.

To complete the two year course, one must part with 18,000 dollars and non-Ugandans pay double. The school still attracts foreign students most from around East Africa seeking for cheaper aviation schools and prestige.

But we are hoping they can spare a little of the money to buy books and their valuable time to read beyond aviation manuals.

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